MIR (Master of Arts Program in International Relations: Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East)

MIR Program offers a solid training in the politics, economics and history of Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. It provides new visions and concrete tools of assessment and analysis for any professional. MIR is an International program not only with its curriculum and faculty, but especially with its students who come from the Balkans, the US, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Turkey, Middle East and the Far East. Our students come from a wide range of professions, such as Advertising, Civil Society Organisations, Consultancy Firms, Film, Finance, Foreign Affairs, International Organisations, Journalism, Law, Mass Media, Strategic Planning Think Tanks, Translation, and Telecommunications. Some graduates benefit from MIR by finding public or private sector jobs, others by advancing in their current positions, others by turning to new career paths, and yet others by continuing with a doctoral degree.

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